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Many Sorts of Wine Racks and Their Uses | Gaia Stock

A Wine Rack On Wall can be a very functional and interesting element in any home. It provides a very convenient place to store all of your wine, keeping it all in one place where you can organize and catalog it.

If you are going to go to the time and expense of installing a wine rack wall, make sure that you build it large enough to accommodate your growing collection. You can use a system that allows you to add on to it as you need more space, or you can simply allow for a certain number of bottles to be stored.

wine rack on wall

Depending on the area where you are going to keep your wine, a wine rack wall can be a blend of beauty and functionality. Kitchen wine racks have become a very simple way to add suffixation to your eating environment. Shelves can be incorporated for storage of other items besides wine. It is important to keep in mind that you should not store your wine near items that give off strong odors, such as paint thinners and left over paint cans. These types of products can actually pass through the cork of your wine and then your wine will take on the flavor of the odor. There is no better way to spoil your collection, so if you have a large number of these types of things in your garage, it’s probably not a good idea to store your wine there too. If you’re the type who would rather have a do it yourself project then there are also many outlets for building your own wine cellars.

Frame Wine Rack

The aspiring wine connoisseur is sure to be smitten with the Wine Rack On Wall. Hand forged iron scroll work gives an old world feel to this wall-mount unit, and a 6 bottle central horizontal shelf is augmented by an upper shelf which can be used for vertical bottle storage or display/decoration. The Wine Rack On Wall also comes equipped with a stemware rack and is available in a variety of finish options.

Keep your wine away from appliances or vibrations. Over time, the vibrations can stir up sediment. This is especially true with homemade wines; however store bought wines have a more sterile production method, so sediment is not common in them. Improper storage of wine will cause the chemical composition to change over time, so when you go to enjoy your aged wine, it may be vinegar. This doesn’t have to happen, though. A proper storage area will ensure that your wine is kept at optimum temperature and humidity.

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