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Astro Turf For Childcare and Playgrounds

Childcare And Playground

Rollout Grass astro turf is a great investment for schools, universities, preschool centres, kindergartens and childcare centres.

Schools have a special responsibility to provide a safe environment for the kids in their care. Playing surfaces are a prime example. Schools need a dependable surface for both recreational and athletic purposes. Ideally it should be easy to clean, whether it has been fouled by an errant domestic animal, or by children, whose thrills are so often attended by spills. And it should provide a yielding surface to minimise the risk of injury during normal use. Lastly, in these days of ever-increasing restrictions on the use of water, it should be as sparing as possible in the way it uses that precious resource.

Rolloutgrass have the answer. Our synthetic sporting turf is a great investment for schools, universities, preschool centres, kindergartens and childcare centres.

Create year round use of ovals, playgrounds and leisure areas with ProGrass synthetic grass – non-allergenic, always green and manicured, and great in full sun or shade. It is extremely resilient to the heaviest traffic, and we provide a 7 year warranty period. Many schools in Perth and country areas of Western Australia have changed their playgrounds into attractive spaces useable all year round.

Children’s playground areas can be transformed with synthetic grass into attractive and functional areas using long pile Idealgrass, economical Kindylawn or the versatile Advantage range and Softfall grasses. Either singly or in combination, these create astro turf playground surfaces that can be line marked to create playing areas for hopscotch, foursquare, basketball or other children’s games. We can even mark them with educational images such as the alphabet – it all contributes to making a more inviting, stimulating space for children to explore. All artificial grass products are installed to legal safety standards. Whether in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia, treat your school kids to a playground finished with artificial grass from Rollout Grass.

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