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Commercial Artificial Grass Perth Keeping the environs of commercial premises looking pleasant and inviting is not an easy task, particularly if you want to do so without incurring the costs of a burdensome maintenance program. Natural grass has its attractions, but as we experience lengthier and more frequent water use restrictions, natural turf surfaces become […]


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Artificial Lawn Perth Rollout Grass has a range of quality artificial lawns for landscaping your home, whether it’s a large residential lawn or small apartment patio, a synthetic lawn can transform your outside space. With water restrictions becoming a way of life in Perth and many areas of Western Australia, artificial turf is becoming the […]

Schools Childcare

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Astro Turf For Childcare and Playgrounds Rollout Grass astro turf is a great investment for schools, universities, preschool centres, kindergartens and childcare centres. Schools have a special responsibility to provide a safe environment for the kids in their care. Playing surfaces are a prime example. Schools need a dependable surface for both recreational and athletic purposes. […]

Sporting Fields

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Sports Astro Turf Perth The special demands of sporting use demand a special product, and at Rollout Grass we have just that. We provide purpose-designed astro turf/synthetic grass courts for a huge variety of sports including, golf, tennis, cricket, football, soccer, basketball, netball and many, many more. Our synthetic grass courts or astro turf courts as they’re […]